A ‘beary’ good fight!!

Beary fight!

It was the peak of the afternoon, but there was not a trace of sunlight that could be seen. Instead dark clouds swarmed the skies threatening to come down bursting, holding off their fury to finish their late lunch. Although the air rippled with the excitement of being laden with moisture very soon, Mr.Bear sat huddled in his chair, utterly oblivious to it all. But he was also as steaming and as tensed as the weather outside. His small eyes were now even smaller, being dwarfed by the frown crowning his forehead. His hands were waiting, expectant, sensing the trigger that would spark off the neurons and get the fingers moving. He expected that trigger to come anytime soon, and like a true fighter he was totally prepared for it. And this was just not another duel that he had to face on a daily basis as a part of his existence, but rather a duel that would hurt more if he was victorious. It wasn't physical (that would be unkind to the opponent), certainly not the high-decibel verbal kind (as most of these duels are,the ready example being a recent one he had witnessed or rather heard from his neighbors) but instead, it was being fought in a virtual domain via the bearnet!! So Mr.Bear readied his fingers to counter his opponent sitting million miles away – Miss Bear, his sweetheart!

It had been a tough week and a particularly tough couple of months for Mr.Bear. He had shifted to a bigger home, which brought changes-some pleasant and some not so pleasant. The honey-digging work had become tough with increasingly aggressive bees which took longer to counter. Free time had therefore become a luxury. The harder work unfortunately yielded no pay as the treasure-keeper of the kingdom had lost the key which Mr.Bear needed to access his trove. The seemingly simple work of replacing the key was taking unexpectedly long. Mr.Bear had never been in debt and he didn't like the new situation. But another situation that he had never ever liked was any form of spats with Miss Bear. Soft-spoken and mild-mannered, Miss Bear rarely instigated or indulged in one, but this had been a hard month of work for her too. Much to her dismay, Mr.Bear also had done something that he had never done in the last four years (even though they had become separated by cities and then by continents)- the act of calling and waking her up in the morning!! It was a routine that had been followed religiously for all these years, not out of necessity but simple love and affection and to break it during worst of the times was almost criminal.

When the preliminary bickering and sarcasm filled sentences had been done with, anger seemed to fill both of their veins. Every nasty uttering was met with a nastier repartee from the other end. The routine seemed to be going on and on. Miss Bear being bored by the monotone of it all, finally said something out of place merely out of boredom - “What plans for today?” The simple question would have been answered simply and courteously by Mr.Bear on any other day but this was just not any 'other' day. Even the little fly that was trying to catch a little whiff of the honey on Mr.Bear's hands, stopped in his flight to stare at the queerness of the exchange of words that were slowly filling the bearnet screen.

Mr.Bear (replying to the question): To dance

Miss Bear: Where?

Mr.Bear: On the floor

Miss Bear (borne out of necessity to reply to everything): Interesting

Mr.Bear (borne out of necessity to counter everything): Not at all

Miss Bear (curious for the ensuing answer): Then what else is interesting?

Mr.Bear: Dancing on a hot plate

Miss Bear: Why would anybody do that?

Mr.Bear (remembering last seen movie titled 'Gone Bear Gone') : Dare Baby Dare

Miss Bear: What is that?

Mr.Bear (remembering a TV show): Sequel to Who dares wins

Miss Bear: Haven't had lunch?

Mr.Bear (confused by the question): Yes, why?

Miss Bear: Your brain is getting low glucose!

Mr.Bear: Might be, haven’t had dinner too.

Miss Bear paused for a moment, the snappy words that had been borne out of anger had failed to pass the vocal chords. It wasn't the realization that her words could not be heard and therefore the effort was futile, instead there was a different reason. Something was preventing the sound waves to pass through. Miss Bear soon realized that harshness of the waves had been countered by the fluidity of her buttery heart that had just melted a little. It was late afternoon for Mr.Bear and he hadn't eaten anything for long and the fact concerned her immensely. The lack of actual talking had it's advantages now as the typed words could hide the gentleness that would appear in her spoken words. So she simply stated that Mr.Bear should go ahead and have something, as she didn't consider fighting a hungry opponent noble. Mr.Bear knew that no matter how gentle Miss Bear was, she never would cower down so easy. For the first time in the day he smiled, perfectly understanding the reason for Miss Bear's actions, and which she would not admit now.So he agreed to continue the duel for the next day and wished Miss Bear a good night.

But he knew he would have a tough time keeping his end of the deal. There was nothing to cook and the coin coffer had bare minimum shillings left. Not enough to pay the exorbitant amount the ferrets and the monkeys charged for delivering food. He sighed in silence, interspersed with buzzing of a fly and the growls of his stomach. As he closed the bearnet connection with the wish, Miss Bear wished him a good day in return. She neither spoke or punched in the words, as technically, they were still in midst of a duel. But just like Mr.Bear, she was fully aware that the battle had ended and she closed her eyes for a peaceful sleep. Mr.Bear was hungry, but also contented, as little by little joy 'filled' his body. Just then, he heard a tiny little sound caused by the ruffling of the grass that carpeted his floor. It was an envelope dropped in by the mail-pigeons. He hesitated to open it thinking it would be another bill that would lower his new found joy, but he opened it nevertheless. The contents made his hands shiver, his heart race and his legs shuffle. His eyes meanwhile twinkled- with the shine of the gold that adorned his new, freshly minted treasure key..it truly had been a good fight!! Winking smile

The day that I lost ‘time’..

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.”

- Father to me every time I stole glances at the clock as I did my homework.

That was the time when I was still a young kid often terribly frustrated by the complex arithmetic or sometimes intriguing, sometimes tedious science problems (or often a combination of both!). My only solace while dealing with them was the grandfather clock in my room, which on striking 8:30 pm, gave me a one hour free pass to television with absolutely no interruptions! Like every other thing, TV was also a thing that had its own fixed time in my house. Food, school, playtime, everything ran on the clock, military school style!! Now some of you would consider such a slavery of time being too harsh. But even as a kid, I completely lapped up the strict routine. In fact, when my mother replaced my cartoon-character themed electronic watches and gifted me my first ‘big guy’ wristwatch, I was on seventh heaven!! As it was waterproof, I even wore it for bath and did not remove it off my hand for almost a whole year (before you label me as freak, I was just 8 then!!). Even after my parents relaxed the restrictions as I grew up, I continued to follow the same schedule myself till my late teens. Of course there were some cons with this watertight scheduling. I just got one hour of TV so that meant just an hour of any movie that I wanted to watch. By the time I was old enough, I had watched loads of movies whose ending I had no knowledge of!! So it was the freedom of college that made me finally find out what happened to Darth Vader in the end, how the game in Jumanji ended or did John Connor manage to save the world!! So if time had so much value in one’s life, imagine the horror of finding out one fine morning that ‘time’ has disappeared!!!!

The past few weeks for me had been occupied in almost endless incessant work. But Thursday had been a big relief as I was finally able to finish up a manuscript that I had been working over the entire summer. Fit enough cause for some drinks and celebrations which made me wake up with a slight hangover the next morning. Even with the hangover, I realized I was missing my very able companion- my wristwatch! The very importance of this device in my life arises out of the unique way my brain perceives daily work. The checklist for the day are not of ‘x’ number of jobs but in fact ‘x’ number of minutes. For e.g. from the moment I stepped out of bath, my itinerary to a normal person would read as: two pieces of bagel with cream and cheese, a slice of watermelon, biking to the bus stop and taking bus to the college. To me, it read as 5.5, 2, 14 and 15 minutes. Without my wristwatch, I feel as lost as Susan Boyle in a rap concert!

I tried to hurriedly look around for a replacement. Two of my favorite ones were still packed deep inside my carry bag from a conference that I had returned from recently. The two lying outside were metal strapped ones which I hate wearing on hot summer days and the battery on the only other leather strapped one was dead. With no more time to waste, I finally decided to take the plunge and walk out without one! The entire day, the simple act of keeping track of time became nearly impossible. Every time I looked down at my wrist, a vacant spot stared back at me. I used my phone or computer sometimes and found myself way off the expected time. I missed the lunch hour, I worked an hour overtime, became overly productive and finished up work that I had reserved for next week!! Considering the way I was brought up, you will think of me as a person who likes finishing up things before time but on the contrary I am a big procrastinator. But I am also a unique kind of procrastinator, because I know how long exactly I need to procrastinate to get the job done right on time!! That’s why completing work in advance actually made me feel totally miserable!! Sad smile

Ironically, on returning back I watched two movies which had time integrated deeply into their themes- one whose script necessitated split-second timing (Inception) and another that dealt with power to turn back time (Prince of Persia). But even with themes of time spinning around me, weekends are time to relax and I was spared of the sinking feeling that I had all day on Friday. But now with the workday beginning tomorrow, I desperately needed to get order back from chaos. Thankfully, my wristwatch appeared out from beneath my couch that I slump into everyday. Perhaps, it missed me as much as I missed it! Tomorrow as we begin our happy journey once again, I realize its importance in my life and its immense contribution in shaping me the way I am: a procrastinator who always finishes his work on time! Open-mouthed smile


I was sure I heard these sounds as I lay in deep slumbering sleep, tired after a tiring day of doing nothing. The last thing that I had wished before dropping down was a sweet dream to liven my insipid sleep. As I tried to settle back into my sleep, labeling the sound as manifestation of my near empty belly, I heard it again and this time it was a lot louder.
Waking with a start, I rubbed my eyes to see what was going on. There seemed to be a giant blob of fat in front of me which on further clarity resembled a big hippo, in fact, it indeed was a big hippo!!!
funny hippo
“Wassup dude, long time no see?!!” it suddenly spoke up to me.
As much as I was surprised with the big hippo standing in front of me, it’s talking actually didn’t startle me. In fact, it seemed very expected and soon I realized why. It wasn’t real… merely my mind spinning haywire in terms of its dream choice, making me wonder what I had for dinner!! Was it something similar to what happens in the movie Inception?! How I wished I had watched the movie to realize what to expect from now on! In spite of this being a dream, I didn’t want to sound discourteous to the hippo and replied.
“I am good dear Hippo, was that you making the sound?”
“Indeed, didn’t you recognize it?” the hippo now came closer and settled down beside me as if ready for a long conversation chewing something it held in its hand!
I knew asses brayed but I didn’t know hippos did the same and I didn’t want to offend the hippo comparing it to an ass!!
“Don’t worry I won’t be offended” it suddenly said with a twinkle in its eye.
“How did you know what I was thinking?” I said with a fresh feel of fear suddenly inside me.
“I am a product of your brain so I know what you think” it smiled gently.
Just as his words began to relax me he added, “and before you begin feeling less scared of me; let me tell you hippos account for more human mortality than any other mammal”
This time I wasn’t scared, after all this was some deep hidden encyclopedia trivia that I must have read sometimes in my school days!! But I thought to myself about how hippos look so gentle that there is no way you would expect such ferocity from them anytime.
“Ain’t it so much like humans??” the hippo kept chewing and continued to read my thoughts.
“I know we are bad, we fight amongst ourselves, we don’t care for other creatures, we destroy nature” I had recently seen Avatar again, so wasn’t so hard for me to state all that. The thought of Avatar brought a curious question in my mind “Was that your cousin from Pandora that charges at Jake Sully in the forest?”
The hippo ignored my seemingly silly query and suddenly seemed to grow old with wisdom as he looked at me straight in the eye “It’s much more than an overt display of evilness that your kind posses, in fact it might not be evil at all. Just a subtle inadequacy that is still as dangerous as those libelous actions”
Technically I was still asleep and even while awake, such deep thinking zips over my infantile mind!! The hippo didn’t mind my ignorance and continued with his thoughts.
“How many times you fail to thank someone who help you but slander others at a drop of a hat if they fail to do the same. How many times you wish the world from your friends but fail to provide a trickle of faith when they need you. How many times you detest people talking about you behind your back but don’t respect others and do the same. You harbor ill will against fellows, crib about them to others but put up a fake smile once they approach you. You want to be loved but don’t show slightest……”
The hippo seemed to be going on and on making me feel if this is how my wish for a sweet dream had came true. The moment I thought it out, the hippo stopped.
“It has been a long conversation my friend, time for me to go” he turned and began his gentle walk back to the unknown with a small nod of goodbye.
As he walked into the nothingness in the vortex of my brain, he spoke out a quiet question to me “What do you call someone who wishes for a sweet dream and cribs when his wish comes true?”
“Sweet dream?? Wish comes true??” I thought confused and then suddenly I realized what the hippo had been chewing all the while he was talking to me - a whole bunch of sweet potatoes!!
My eyes opened from the sleep and I had a strange aftertaste of sweetness in my mouth and the answer to his question. I whispered out the answer to myself as I woke up

Swept Away!!

The sweet taste of water can only be realized when you are absolutely parched for water and similarly the best feel of the holiday can only be felt after you have practically killed yourself at work. So after a grueling work-schedule in the past month I finally got a week worth of break and a chance to visit my alma mater. Unfortunately, the lack of access to internet during this time made it nearly impossible for me to have a peek at my Google reader and catch up on everything that I have missed in the life of my blogging friends. Doing that is my topmost priority right now and makes me realize how much I actually I miss this seemingly simple task. While there have been a whole lot of things that I had wanted to post all this while but the dearth of time had really made it difficult to pen things down, in short, I had been a bad blogger! But now with a trip back to my home country I know what I will be talking about this week as nostalgia is the only paramount feeling on my mind. Especially as it probably was also my final visit to Manipal (at least for a long time). So here is a short list of things that I loved and managed to relive in this short stay:

THE BEACH: “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” So said Jacques Cousteau and he couldn’t have been farther from truth. Having never seen the sea and the wonderful beaches before starting my college life, I was completely mesmerized with my first view of the vast unending expanse. There is an unearthly calmness in the chaos of the waves that always draws me towards it. If you still haven’t been to a beach, you don’t know what you are missing!! No surprises that every evening I knew where I was going!!


THE FOOD: Food was the thing that I most often complained about in my college life but that was just from the college mess. Outside, the place is replete with some awesome food for all the tastes. Northie, southie, veg, non-veg, you name it and you got it!! So all the time that I was there, I was running from one restaurant to another to make sure that I grab all they had to offer in the short time that I had!!


THE MONSOON: Rain and Manipal are often spoken in the same breath. When it rains, it really pours down there. While there was not very much excitement this time around with the intensity and the amount of rain that I got to witness but it was good enough to remind me of the good old days when umbrella used to be your best friend!


LOVE: The last but surely not the least on the list. This was the place where I found love so the best part of spending time in Manipal is when you are spending it with your sweetheart. Sipping smoothies in afternoon, watching the sun melt down in the evenings on a lazy beach and idling away time under the starry sky..just wished that every holiday of mine was like this!!


So while work pulls me back to my usual monotonous existence, this is me getting swept away in one final wave of nostalgia!

Running Out Of Gas!!

Ms. Helpful: Hi, this is Ms.Helpful and we are having a wonderful day at Great apartments!

Me: (I am sure it’s a wonderful day for you..not for me!!) Hi, we had a gas leak in our building couple of days back and our gas was shut down. Hasn’t it been restored yet because my stove is not working?

Ms.Helpful: (After a few seconds of hesitation) It should have been sir, let me check into it and I will call you back.

(Fifteen agonizing minutes later)

Ms.Helpful: Sir, we are very sorry but it seems the work may have remained incomplete and the maintenance staff will have to get back to complete it.

Me: Fine, can you get it done as quickly as possible?

Ms.Helpful: I am afraid due to the Memorial Day weekend, the maintenance crew will only be back on Tuesday.

Me: (doing quick math to realize that will be three days without gas) Thank you letting me know, you just made my day!!

Ms.Helpful: I am so sorry sir. Have a great day!

Me: (surprisingly calm in spite of fuming with anger) Thanks, you have a great day too!

Barring the obvious change in names and address, this was pretty much the transcript of the conversation that I had at the start of weekend with my apartment guys. Actually it has been greater than three days that I haven’t had home cooked food but it was only in the last three days that I have begun feeling the real need for it. The lack of work, boredom and wonderful weather provide a heady cocktail for the searing appetite. It wasn’t that I wasn’t having enough food but I was just not loading up to my desired level and having the desired quality of food. For now, all the things that I have are things that are microwaveable. So its instant lunches, frozen dinners, noodles etc. etc. I know it sounds strange but I cannot tell how much I am craving for food made by own hands!! These cravings and my attempts to distract my mind from them have made me realize many different things.

1. Omelettes can be made in microwaves and they surprisingly still taste delicious. I know they are round, pot bellied and look funny but combine that with some potato skins, potato chips, coconut cookie and a wonderful juice cocktail of banana, apple, coriander etc. (the etc. because it’s something that my friend makes and I do not manage to remember the rest!!), can actually make you last the whole day without being hungry!!

My Breakfast


2. I still love to read novels!! Considering I haven’t read one for the last two years, my reading speed is surprisingly still pretty awesome. But I have lost the patience of finishing them up quickly. All this I realized after my attempts to read Dan Brown’s latest the “The Lost Symbol” which two years back I would have finished in a day but three days since starting, I am just halfway through. So far it has been a very interesting read!!

3. Sci-fi series still typecast ominous characters as bald, 280px-TheObserverno-eyebrows.

So I started watching Fringe this weekend and the series held my attention. And then we had the episode with a freaky looking guy who always happened to be at places where freaky events occurred. The script seemed to imply he was an alien, but why did he look so much like one??!! Shouldn’t there be an element of surprise?!

4. When you lack good food for three days, your senses heighten! I am sure you have heard of people who lack auditory senses have great attention to visual details; vice versa blind people have amazing perception for sound. Lack of some really good food seemed to be doing the same for me. In three days, I had located pretty much the entire stock of spiders in my house (and squashed them all..sorry Spiderman!!). But you know things are not a coincidence, when you can actually hear a beetle walking on your phone when you are looking the other way!

But I don’t want any more heightened senses, any more realizations about reading speeds or finding new ways to cook food! All I want now is some good calorie-stuffed home cooked food and I want it now. I know I am sounding desperate but as the case is..I actually have been literally running out of gas!

No More Lost

ost Final Poster This is it..the final moment..so very aptly titled “The End”. As I sat back misty eyed close to midnight witnessing the culmination of probably the greatest human saga ever on television, I could not help but feel the full power of the phenomenon titled LOST. The only episode that I ever watched the show live now ranks the best in its entire six seasons. Surprisingly, the finale also faced a huge amount of backlash from half of the fan base who are having a tough time comprehending the ending. Everyone knows of my obsession with Lost but I had never thought of blogging about it. But I am also tired of answering every person who misinterpreted the ending and and are now bashing the writers for it. Hate to say it but the show was never meant for people who were more for the mysteries and the thrill and not for the human aspect of it. The mysteries played a big part of it but the wonderful characters were what made the show so memorable. If you feel conned about the fact that you didn’t get the answers you wanted, I am pretty sure you were never going to be satisfied with the answers if they indeed had addressed them. In fact while I was finishing this post, I got a call from one of friends who finished watching the finale and was impacted on the same emotional level as I was, justifying my faith in the finale for people like us. If you have never watched the show and would like to, please stop here as there are a whole lot of spoilers ahead regarding the finale.

Lost - Season 6

The first thing that I want to straighten out for everyone who is bashing the show because they misinterpreted the ending- the island was NOT a purgatory and no they didn’t die when the flight crashed!! The “flash-sideways” though indeed were and that’s what the whole ending implied. Now that we have that clear, the rest is for many people who understood that but still did not like the ending. I would not debate on that and will rather talk about why it worked so well for me. Personally for me the ending was as good as I could have ever thought of. It was emotional, pure, heartwarming and touched me the way I thought it should but never really expecting it to. And this is coming from someone who always believed in the science of the show and is remotely religious. But just like Jack, the writers turned me into a man of faith and the faith in the writers did pay off.

They left a whole lot of mysteries behind but in the end it was never about the mystery for me. I know a whole lot of people would disagree with me on this but explaining the mysteries would have been fine but not resolving the ending for the characters would have been heartbreaking. Jack, Hugo, Ben, Sayid, Sawyer, Sun and Jin and everyone else were such wonderful characters that we cared to the core for. They were what kept me hooked onto Lost and not the mysteries. I would have loved to find out what exactly was the smoke monster, what actually was the light, what was with the rules, Dharma Initiative, the polar bears, the Hurley bird, the shooting at the outrigger, Man In Black’s real name etc.etc. As you can see the list goes on and on regarding the unanswered stuff but surprisingly, it doesn’t matter to me that they didn’t explain that. And trust me, even if they had attempted to answer every mystery in the show then it would have been impossible for them to do that. And no matter how well they would have done that, fans would have definitely found plotholes by digging deep and deep. Similar to the MIB who kept looking for ways to leave the island, finding loopholes, using logic. On the other hand was Jacob, who had pure and simple faith, almost a blind one. But he cared for the island, cared for the fact that people who were alone could find a purpose there. The writers could chose only one way of answering all that and they went the Jacob's way of faith.

The fact that they even blinded to us MIB’s name was similar to keeping the mysteries of island unresolved because it was something that did not matter in the long run. When Jacob brought everyone to the island they were all alone, flawed people. But as they bid adieu, they were not alone. Every single of them were together for the final journey. They had found love, had their faith restored, gained redemption and were happy. Many of them were ready to let go while some like Ben, Eloise were still not, mainly because of the travesties they brought upon their loved ones due to their actions. What can be more satisfying than finding your favorite characters getting the happiest ending possible and in such a beautiful manner; whoever came up with idea of the flash sideways was a genius!!

When I look back at the wonderful journey that LOST was, it fills me with happiness for hanging on. The final moments of the finale would stay with me forever as it brought the whole story to a full circle using its main protagonist as the fulcrum. In the pilot, Jack opens his eyes, confused about where he is, gets up and runs out to find a world in chaos and without realizing it puts himself in the role of a leader. In the finale, Jack finally finds peace after he resolves the chaos, thrusts himself out of the leadership shoes and those very eyes close in peace as he embraces death perfectly aware where he is going to. Absolutely epic !

Hats off to the best TV show ever created and as all good things this had to come to an end too and am only glad that it’s over in such a satisfying manner.

I will be no more Lost :(

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To Tea Or Not To Tea!!


“An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”

This was one of the favorite sayings of my father. There was a reason that made me agree with him wholeheartedly. Whenever I was getting bored or was idle, I conjured up lots of things to keep myself busy. I always made sure I was doing something using my mind even in my times of boredom like reading science encyclopedias, catching up on sports trivia, learning a new hobby or getting familiar with new devices. Now as you can see, I was making pretty good use of my idle time but every time I did any of these things out of sheer boredom, the above words came back to haunt me. Cases in example were what actually emerged from my “workshop” after I did the aforementioned things:-

1. Reading science encyclopedias: Learnt the ability of lenses to concentrate the sunlight in the physics section. Put it to use by using magnifying lenses to burn things, like my mom’s favorite curtains!!

2. Catching up on sports trivia: Found out how baseball is so similar to cricket but broke the neighbor’s windows in my very first pitch!

3. Learning a new hobby: Realized collecting magnets isn’t the same as collecting stamps and keeping the entire collection near the TV can actually make it go bad (guess should have read all the chapters of the encyclopedia closely!)

4. Getting familiar with new devices: Perfected mobile phone use as a little kid by dialing up restaurants from my cousin’s cell and ordering tons of food at his home, most of it without his knowledge (to be fair, I hardly ate any of it myself!!)

The exact same sense of boredom that led me to do the things above was prevailing over me today. It’s not that I have lack of work but just that I am tired of work today. The week’s fatigue was so much for me that I fell asleep the moment today’s work day ended and woke up only at dinner time. Before I could cook something, I realized I had to submit an assignment that involved interpreting survival analysis for a population receiving hip replacement of Charnley implants fixed with Palacos or Simplex cement with a lateral surgical approach without trochanteric osteotomy, on patients with primary coxarthrosis (I hope you realize by now why I don’t exactly want to work right now!!).

Having slept almost entire evening, I knew I wasn’t getting any quick sleep in the night so I knew I had to put my boredom to good use. This weekend for me involves besides other things, cleaning up the house. I decided to give myself a head-start by starting with the kitchen. While cleaning, I found a big stock of tea my ex-roommate had left behind. Since he has left the country, I cannot get it back to him and I am hesitant to just throw it up all away. The problem that I face with finishing it up myself is- I don’t drink tea!!!

While this might be considered normal anywhere else in parts of the world, in our country this is a scenario almost hard to imagine. Every social visit or gathering you visit brings with it the mandatory cup of tea. Most of the times the host will not even bother to ask and you will be presented with a hot cup on your arrival. While my near and dear ones realized me as an exception over time and stopped the habit, every time I went to some new place my refusal was met with looks of genuine shock.

“You don’t drink tea??” was the common refrain with dropped jaws.

Their jaws dropped further when I refused the next choice of coffee (yeah I don’t drink that too!!). My parents always scolded me for this queer habit of mine as it made me look disrespectful towards the host. Well they could have housed couple of coke cans and I am sure I would have hardly looked disrespectful then!

Back to my problem- I opened up the box of tea to look at how this alien drink looks like. I must tell, I was totally overawed by the amazing aroma. The tea grains seemed to be giving me a ‘come drink me’-look! I thought about the repercussions my starting to drink tea will have. For one, it will make everyone in family very happy as I will become socially more acceptable. I will have something new to do but also seem like a fool to have skipped it for so long! But the reason I am currently refraining from making this big decision are due to the first lines of this post.

Everything I have done in sheer boredom has almost always never turned out to be that great! So I will wait now, wait for the moment to pass over. And if the temptation still remains, I might just give it a try. After a hectic week, I never expected the question at the end of the week for me will be- To tea or not to tea!! :)