Love Surprises!!

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”       -Anonymous.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!! It was just yesterday when I found these amazingly wonderful lines on the Internet while I searched for an e-card for my sweetheart. I could never have imagined doing this a few years back as originality formed the core of those courtship days! An expressive love letter or a lovely poem penned and perfected over a span of few weeks were things I was good at. But this day, time was of utmost essence. In spite of being a Saturday, I was sadly working in the lab. While my hands clicked a million buttons trying to sort and analyze data, I quickly made some more clicks for myself. Clicks that made me realize that my valentine gift had failed to reach in time. Few minutes later I confirmed the fact when I wished her over the phone. As I wished her, I could sense her fatigue after a long day of work as she barely hung on to the words that I was speaking. I knew she would be asleep the moment that I kept the phone down but I still had to send out at least a card to her. After all, there was a reason for this urgency of mine.

Since we had met, there was not a single valentine’s day that had passed without me gifting something to her. On the other hand, while she has the habit of loading me up with buckets of gifts on my birthday, she never actually gifted me anything on the V-day. It would usually be just a sweet SMS buzzing on my phone at midnight and wonderful evening dinners from her. Something I never minded, mostly because I was too preoccupied searching for something unique for her when the D-day approached! But this time, my unique gift was still lying around in some courier office and being Sunday, it was impossible that it could be delivered on time. Getting back home from work, I finished my dinner with friends before midnight. The good thing about being two continents apart is that you get to celebrate everything twice. So albeit with a tinge of disappointment, I was ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day again at US standard time! While there were no discussions about gifts, there was still plenty to chirp about. I had no clue when I fell asleep in midst of one of those talks.

When I woke up the morning of Valentine’s Day, it was close to 10. I had barely opened my eyes but I picked up the phone and called up my sweetheart to wish her (I know it was the third time, but I never tire of it!). Between our talks, I half wished that by some twist of fate or some miracle, the courier company was open and they had delivered the gift. I asked her about it and she replied “It’s Sunday!”

“Damn Sunday!” I thought to myself as I kept the phone.

I lay back on my bed, not eager to work and just waiting for her to come online. Few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I was not expecting anyone so I thought it might just be the mailman. I closed back my eyes thinking of collecting it later from the post office. But just then, I realized it was Sunday and it couldn’t be the USPS guys. I still thought that someone pushed our bell by mistake but investigating it would at least allow me to pick up my lazy bum and get out. An action that I find hard to do on holidays, but this time it would allow me now to scavenge the kitchen and satiate my empty stomach!! On opening the door, I found a rickety old man standing with a large plastic bag. He wasn’t the mailman but was there to deliver something. He called out my name and once I responded in affirmative, he handed the large bag to me. Half-surprised, half-curious, I picked up the package. He told me to hold it by the bottom as he left me with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Opening it up, I found one of the most wonderful flower bouquets that I had ever seen and a real cute white teddy held it for me!! The card had the cutest little message from my sweetheart. The smile that appeared on my face then never left me the whole day! When we talked again, we had so much to talk and so much was about the gift! Even if my mail hadn’t reached on time, my sweetheart had ensured that our Valentine’s Day had not been bereft of gifts!!


In my life, I have been surrounded by hundreds of people with varied opinions of love. Some call it unnecessary, unsustainable, a myth while others have lengthy litanies describing how amazing it is. What I have found all these years being in love is that it does come with its fair share of struggles and sorrows. But it also fills your every day with little joys, throws up so many pleasant surprises which an otherwise mundane existence never would. And it has this unique little character- of finding and lifting you up when you need it the most in ways you never can imagine!

So while I munch on my heart shaped pizza as a dinner, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Due to my real hectic schedule in the past month, I have not been able to catch up on my fellow blogging friends (my Google Reader is filled up with tonnes of unread posts right now!). I do would like to catch up with you all. In the midst, I received an award too..yipeee! Thanks a lot to “BUTTERY”fly for your sweet award which I am proud to display. Hope to keep spreading more smiles and love!!