Missed New Year and Hope 2010!

Happy New Year 2010 to everyone!! Woohoo.. I survived 2009!! It was a year that seemed just never ending and full of work, work and more work. A simple change of date does not mean that all the work has vanished into thin air but certainly ensures renewed energy and a desire to carry on. What’s more, I am also at a place I thought I will never see in 2009 and that is my home!! Finally reaching after a spate of delays, missed flights and horrendous train travels makes this accomplishment even more sweeter. In spite of putting my body through this torture of travel, I was so excited to be home that I was jumping around and wide awake till afternoon (after having arrived at 2 in the morning!!). Giving out gifts is so much fun that no wonder Santa ever gets tired of it!!While I felt ecstatic with the fact that there was absolutely no dearth of energy in me, I still thought of giving my body some rest before the midnight so that I could herald in New Year with full enthusiasm. So finally with some calming music playing in the background, I settled back to the warm comfort of the bed that I had missed for so long. The time on my phone read 3:30 in the afternoon when I settled down to sleep.

I distinctly remember dreaming something pleasant but I was too tired to wake up. Some time later, I even heard the voices of some of my relatives and my little cousins. While that feeling seemed like coming from distant dreamland ,the brutal shaking by my elder brother that followed it certainly wasn’t!! My thoughts were still too disjointed and feelings almost drugged so even though I wanted to wake up and greet them with all energy, all I could do was slumber back into my pillow. Everyone seeing my absolute lack of interest and energy ,left me to enjoy (or that’s what they thought!) my sleep. The next things I remember were my mother telling me to get up for dinner and the wonderful smell of home cooked food wafting in the air. This time, I distinctly seemed to remember that I didn’t even open my closed eyes. I don’t even remember for how long attempts were made to wake me up, but another thing I seemed to remember was my mother telling me where the food was kept so that I could have them after I wake up.

By this time, I knew it was getting close to 12 and I could hear my family’s chatter in the living room. My mind now was screaming for me to get up but the body was absolutely unyielding. Harassed and tortured by incessant travels and energy deprivation at times, it was now completely satiated with lovely food of home and just needed the comfort of sleep to recharge. While the mind tried to extend its duel with its full force, I am not sure even a minute passed before the body resoundingly subdued it. The ringing of the phone finally brought some strength into me to get up and pick it up. It was my sweetheart on the other side of the phone; as I picked up the call, I could hear the sound of crackers bursting, even my myopic eyes could discern the fact that the light outside my window were from fireworks in the sky. I finally knew that I had missed the first minutes of the New Year for good!!

It was 4:30 in the morning and a whole 13 hours after I went to sleep that I finally came to my senses. I didn’t even remember the only conversation that I had last night, one phone call later I was soon to know that even my sweetheart was too dead tired to remember it!! There was a tinge of sadness in missing the wonderful hour the calendar turned. The body had finally won with a big margin and was happy! The fireworks had ended by then and not a soul was now awake to share my distress so I settled back on my living room’s couch.

My eyes by now noticed the food that had been laid down for me as promised on the dining table. It was cold but still tasted fantastic! I switched on the television and watched something that I would never have had if I had been awake last night- the live telecast of fireworks at London!! So I missed a moment that was anyways going to be temporary. But as the new year’s first day dawned, I was under the same roof as my entire family, was having some wonderful home cooked food and getting to watch something that I never have had before in my life. Not a bad bargain at all!! So at last, while the year 2009 died peacefully last night, the New Year showed that hope still lives!!

Have a wonderful, hope filled year everyone and may every one get what they desire!!!!