Gazing Out..


In case you are wondering that I have now officially gone I am not! These were just some sounds that were running through my head at close to two last night. I was half-awake, half-hungry and totally cold (thanks to my stupid heater which has a mind of its own when it comes to shutting down!). The first impression anyone will have finding me in that state is that it was intoxication that was causing it. But it wasn’t the weekend yet so I was in a perfectly sober state. In fact, I myself was a bit surprised to wake up as I am usually a very sound sleeper. Although technically I wasn’t sleeping yet- laying with my head on my laptop and my body on the chair!! I stood up to close the lights and fall down on my bed when a fresh wave of plops on my window drew my attention: the reason that had actually caused me to wake up. I looked out of the window, half expecting some outlaw trying to barge into my home. The thought didn’t scare me; rather I wanted to save them their efforts as the rewards wouldn’t be worth it!!:P But it wasn’t them and the unpredictable source of the sound was- Rain!!


Having lived buried in snow for almost three months, it wasn’t something that you would expect. But then I have also lived in a place where rain would be incessant for almost the same period! I still remember the first year of my undergrad and the first university paper I had. The walk to the college was a bare 15 minutes and the weather perfectly fine when I started for the college. I with my friend had barely reached midway when the sun was drowned in a sea of clouds and the heavy monsoon rain decided to show its full fury on us. The rain coupled with the strong wind toyed with the umbrella in our hands that we were using as a shield. By the time I reached college, I had enough water soaked up in my clothes and filled in my shoes to bring relief to some drought ridden areas in the country. That was just first of the many days to come and starting of a love-hate relationship!

When I woke up in the morning, the rain was still falling hard. It had been raining for some days now, but they had been more of light drizzle. The intensity and the volume of rain happening now was something that I had never seen here before. Over the day, it slowed down more towards what I had been used to. Now rains are sometimes associated with romance, but there was no iota of romance in my thoughts whenever I saw rain. The only thought that came to mind was “Run! Hide! Find shelter!”

20060408rainonwindowBut just for a brief moment when sun came out of the clouds, there indeed seemed to be romance in air. The grass glistened, the surroundings glowed, the cars washed off their dirt shone and even the dirty puddles had a little iridescent glow to them. In short, it was truly beautiful!! But the moment was so short that it was barely noticeable. It’s still raining now, the plops are still distinct but I will have my curtains drawn the next morning waiting for the first ray of sunshine to bring back the moment!