I was sure I heard these sounds as I lay in deep slumbering sleep, tired after a tiring day of doing nothing. The last thing that I had wished before dropping down was a sweet dream to liven my insipid sleep. As I tried to settle back into my sleep, labeling the sound as manifestation of my near empty belly, I heard it again and this time it was a lot louder.
Waking with a start, I rubbed my eyes to see what was going on. There seemed to be a giant blob of fat in front of me which on further clarity resembled a big hippo, in fact, it indeed was a big hippo!!!
funny hippo
“Wassup dude, long time no see?!!” it suddenly spoke up to me.
As much as I was surprised with the big hippo standing in front of me, it’s talking actually didn’t startle me. In fact, it seemed very expected and soon I realized why. It wasn’t real… merely my mind spinning haywire in terms of its dream choice, making me wonder what I had for dinner!! Was it something similar to what happens in the movie Inception?! How I wished I had watched the movie to realize what to expect from now on! In spite of this being a dream, I didn’t want to sound discourteous to the hippo and replied.
“I am good dear Hippo, was that you making the sound?”
“Indeed, didn’t you recognize it?” the hippo now came closer and settled down beside me as if ready for a long conversation chewing something it held in its hand!
I knew asses brayed but I didn’t know hippos did the same and I didn’t want to offend the hippo comparing it to an ass!!
“Don’t worry I won’t be offended” it suddenly said with a twinkle in its eye.
“How did you know what I was thinking?” I said with a fresh feel of fear suddenly inside me.
“I am a product of your brain so I know what you think” it smiled gently.
Just as his words began to relax me he added, “and before you begin feeling less scared of me; let me tell you hippos account for more human mortality than any other mammal”
This time I wasn’t scared, after all this was some deep hidden encyclopedia trivia that I must have read sometimes in my school days!! But I thought to myself about how hippos look so gentle that there is no way you would expect such ferocity from them anytime.
“Ain’t it so much like humans??” the hippo kept chewing and continued to read my thoughts.
“I know we are bad, we fight amongst ourselves, we don’t care for other creatures, we destroy nature” I had recently seen Avatar again, so wasn’t so hard for me to state all that. The thought of Avatar brought a curious question in my mind “Was that your cousin from Pandora that charges at Jake Sully in the forest?”
The hippo ignored my seemingly silly query and suddenly seemed to grow old with wisdom as he looked at me straight in the eye “It’s much more than an overt display of evilness that your kind posses, in fact it might not be evil at all. Just a subtle inadequacy that is still as dangerous as those libelous actions”
Technically I was still asleep and even while awake, such deep thinking zips over my infantile mind!! The hippo didn’t mind my ignorance and continued with his thoughts.
“How many times you fail to thank someone who help you but slander others at a drop of a hat if they fail to do the same. How many times you wish the world from your friends but fail to provide a trickle of faith when they need you. How many times you detest people talking about you behind your back but don’t respect others and do the same. You harbor ill will against fellows, crib about them to others but put up a fake smile once they approach you. You want to be loved but don’t show slightest……”
The hippo seemed to be going on and on making me feel if this is how my wish for a sweet dream had came true. The moment I thought it out, the hippo stopped.
“It has been a long conversation my friend, time for me to go” he turned and began his gentle walk back to the unknown with a small nod of goodbye.
As he walked into the nothingness in the vortex of my brain, he spoke out a quiet question to me “What do you call someone who wishes for a sweet dream and cribs when his wish comes true?”
“Sweet dream?? Wish comes true??” I thought confused and then suddenly I realized what the hippo had been chewing all the while he was talking to me - a whole bunch of sweet potatoes!!
My eyes opened from the sleep and I had a strange aftertaste of sweetness in my mouth and the answer to his question. I whispered out the answer to myself as I woke up

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TALON said...

Gautam, I loved this! I didn't even see the "Hippo-crite" coming and I laughed out loud.

This reminds me how often we are our own harshest critics!

I watched a nature show about hippos once. Up until then, I had thought them gentle, lumbering giants...but that show revealed the dark side of hippos - attacking boats, killing people!

I'm glad your hippo was a gentle one - but obviously a wise one! :)

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Nice one...fun and yet very thought provoking. How's your weekend been buddy?

Rahul said...

OMG!! That was so unexpected and so amazing at the end. You come up with something so amazing and still call your mind as infantile??!! :)

apples said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has weird dreams! :D

Gautam said...

@TALON: My hippo was brought up on a childhood onslaught of Disney and Nicklodeon so he turned out OK!! :)

@Corinne: Thanks!! The weekend was good but weekday..ahh.. :(

@Rahul: Thanks buddy! Btw wait till I decide to show you my MRI results!! ;)

@apples: Don't worry, everyone has..even my hippo has weird dreams with me lecturing him about how to play video games..he he!! :)
Thanx for dropping by!! :)

Mr. Stupid said...

This was such a fun post. Enjoyed the read. BTW, that's a cute hippo.
Have a nice day...:)

Cee said...

What a way to express your thoughts. I love it!

Hope you're havin' a nice time G!

Gautam said...

@Mr.S: Thanks you Mr.S! Hippo says hi back too!! :) Have a gr8 day!!

@Cee: Thanks Cee! I am almost having a good time..he he!! :)
Take care and have fun!! :) :)

QM said...

HAHA, lol-ed at the ending! ;D

Gautam said...

@QM: Glad you enjoyed it!!:) :)

Aries said...

This is a good one. You are very creative indeed. Like it and will be back for more.

Gautam said...

@Aries: Thank you!! :)