Swept Away!!

The sweet taste of water can only be realized when you are absolutely parched for water and similarly the best feel of the holiday can only be felt after you have practically killed yourself at work. So after a grueling work-schedule in the past month I finally got a week worth of break and a chance to visit my alma mater. Unfortunately, the lack of access to internet during this time made it nearly impossible for me to have a peek at my Google reader and catch up on everything that I have missed in the life of my blogging friends. Doing that is my topmost priority right now and makes me realize how much I actually I miss this seemingly simple task. While there have been a whole lot of things that I had wanted to post all this while but the dearth of time had really made it difficult to pen things down, in short, I had been a bad blogger! But now with a trip back to my home country I know what I will be talking about this week as nostalgia is the only paramount feeling on my mind. Especially as it probably was also my final visit to Manipal (at least for a long time). So here is a short list of things that I loved and managed to relive in this short stay:

THE BEACH: “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” So said Jacques Cousteau and he couldn’t have been farther from truth. Having never seen the sea and the wonderful beaches before starting my college life, I was completely mesmerized with my first view of the vast unending expanse. There is an unearthly calmness in the chaos of the waves that always draws me towards it. If you still haven’t been to a beach, you don’t know what you are missing!! No surprises that every evening I knew where I was going!!


THE FOOD: Food was the thing that I most often complained about in my college life but that was just from the college mess. Outside, the place is replete with some awesome food for all the tastes. Northie, southie, veg, non-veg, you name it and you got it!! So all the time that I was there, I was running from one restaurant to another to make sure that I grab all they had to offer in the short time that I had!!


THE MONSOON: Rain and Manipal are often spoken in the same breath. When it rains, it really pours down there. While there was not very much excitement this time around with the intensity and the amount of rain that I got to witness but it was good enough to remind me of the good old days when umbrella used to be your best friend!


LOVE: The last but surely not the least on the list. This was the place where I found love so the best part of spending time in Manipal is when you are spending it with your sweetheart. Sipping smoothies in afternoon, watching the sun melt down in the evenings on a lazy beach and idling away time under the starry sky..just wished that every holiday of mine was like this!!


So while work pulls me back to my usual monotonous existence, this is me getting swept away in one final wave of nostalgia!

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TALON said...

All beautiful things, Gautam! I'm so glad you had what looks to be an incredibly relaxing and wonderful vacation. A beach, good food, the company of soulmates - what more could anyone need?

Nice to have you back. The photos are great and the last one is just so adorable!

Abhishek said...

Guess you had a really wonderful trip! Nostalgic and sweet moments captured this time :-)

QM said...

I love beaches! It makes me feel calm and at ease :) Omgg, the food! hahahaha,

cool blog you have, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

Gautam said...

@TALON: Thanks a lot! Your penchant for photography inspired me to add some pics this time! :)

@Abhishek: Thanks dude!

@QM: You would love the food..seriously!! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

Urvashi said...

Wow..u seemed to have a lovely vacations with all the lovely reasons to cherish it.. :) :)

Gautam said...

@Urvashi: Indeed..it was an almost idyllic vacation this time!! :) Tk care!!

Cee said...

I wasn't able to visit my blog and everything else on the net, for a week.

So glad to hear from you G! This time with positive vibes because you were able to relax off work.

The beach photo is so calming! And of course, I love the last pic mostly! I feel how happy you are to be back home esp. with your sweetie.

Good day G!

Gautam said...

@Cee: It's so wonderful to have you back blogging after all the chaos.

The last pic is my fav too, have it as my wallpaper of my lappy since then!! :)