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ost Final Poster This is it..the final very aptly titled “The End”. As I sat back misty eyed close to midnight witnessing the culmination of probably the greatest human saga ever on television, I could not help but feel the full power of the phenomenon titled LOST. The only episode that I ever watched the show live now ranks the best in its entire six seasons. Surprisingly, the finale also faced a huge amount of backlash from half of the fan base who are having a tough time comprehending the ending. Everyone knows of my obsession with Lost but I had never thought of blogging about it. But I am also tired of answering every person who misinterpreted the ending and and are now bashing the writers for it. Hate to say it but the show was never meant for people who were more for the mysteries and the thrill and not for the human aspect of it. The mysteries played a big part of it but the wonderful characters were what made the show so memorable. If you feel conned about the fact that you didn’t get the answers you wanted, I am pretty sure you were never going to be satisfied with the answers if they indeed had addressed them. In fact while I was finishing this post, I got a call from one of friends who finished watching the finale and was impacted on the same emotional level as I was, justifying my faith in the finale for people like us. If you have never watched the show and would like to, please stop here as there are a whole lot of spoilers ahead regarding the finale.

Lost - Season 6

The first thing that I want to straighten out for everyone who is bashing the show because they misinterpreted the ending- the island was NOT a purgatory and no they didn’t die when the flight crashed!! The “flash-sideways” though indeed were and that’s what the whole ending implied. Now that we have that clear, the rest is for many people who understood that but still did not like the ending. I would not debate on that and will rather talk about why it worked so well for me. Personally for me the ending was as good as I could have ever thought of. It was emotional, pure, heartwarming and touched me the way I thought it should but never really expecting it to. And this is coming from someone who always believed in the science of the show and is remotely religious. But just like Jack, the writers turned me into a man of faith and the faith in the writers did pay off.

They left a whole lot of mysteries behind but in the end it was never about the mystery for me. I know a whole lot of people would disagree with me on this but explaining the mysteries would have been fine but not resolving the ending for the characters would have been heartbreaking. Jack, Hugo, Ben, Sayid, Sawyer, Sun and Jin and everyone else were such wonderful characters that we cared to the core for. They were what kept me hooked onto Lost and not the mysteries. I would have loved to find out what exactly was the smoke monster, what actually was the light, what was with the rules, Dharma Initiative, the polar bears, the Hurley bird, the shooting at the outrigger, Man In Black’s real name etc.etc. As you can see the list goes on and on regarding the unanswered stuff but surprisingly, it doesn’t matter to me that they didn’t explain that. And trust me, even if they had attempted to answer every mystery in the show then it would have been impossible for them to do that. And no matter how well they would have done that, fans would have definitely found plotholes by digging deep and deep. Similar to the MIB who kept looking for ways to leave the island, finding loopholes, using logic. On the other hand was Jacob, who had pure and simple faith, almost a blind one. But he cared for the island, cared for the fact that people who were alone could find a purpose there. The writers could chose only one way of answering all that and they went the Jacob's way of faith.

The fact that they even blinded to us MIB’s name was similar to keeping the mysteries of island unresolved because it was something that did not matter in the long run. When Jacob brought everyone to the island they were all alone, flawed people. But as they bid adieu, they were not alone. Every single of them were together for the final journey. They had found love, had their faith restored, gained redemption and were happy. Many of them were ready to let go while some like Ben, Eloise were still not, mainly because of the travesties they brought upon their loved ones due to their actions. What can be more satisfying than finding your favorite characters getting the happiest ending possible and in such a beautiful manner; whoever came up with idea of the flash sideways was a genius!!

When I look back at the wonderful journey that LOST was, it fills me with happiness for hanging on. The final moments of the finale would stay with me forever as it brought the whole story to a full circle using its main protagonist as the fulcrum. In the pilot, Jack opens his eyes, confused about where he is, gets up and runs out to find a world in chaos and without realizing it puts himself in the role of a leader. In the finale, Jack finally finds peace after he resolves the chaos, thrusts himself out of the leadership shoes and those very eyes close in peace as he embraces death perfectly aware where he is going to. Absolutely epic !

Hats off to the best TV show ever created and as all good things this had to come to an end too and am only glad that it’s over in such a satisfying manner.

I will be no more Lost :(

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Mr. Stupid said...

I was Lost with "LOST". I never watched it. Yup. While the entire world was talking about it, I didn't. Maybe, a few even sent me hate mails... hehe
Finally, glad to read your post. Have a good day!:)

Stanley said...

Absolutely amazed to find the way that you put it all down, especially the final para about the full circle.Never thought of it that way but makes total sense with the whole closure theme. You just made me appreciate the best show ever even more:-)

Gautam said...

@Mr S: Do watch it..and if you don't like it, feel free to send me a hate mail!! :)

@Stanley: Thanks for the comments!! :)

Cee said...

How I wish I watched it, so I could say something. I'm convinced that it was a good show -- you blogged finally!

Have a good day G!

Gautam said...

Thanks Cee! Give it a try sure you will like it!! :)

TALON said...

I admit I got completely sad at the end...not just because the show was over (which is tragic), but because it was such a touching end. I like that not every single mystery was cleared up. Much like real life, we don't know the answers and not knowing doesn't take away any of the enjoyment.

You are so right that the show was all about the human interactions. it will be a long time before a great show like LOST comes along...

Gautam said...

@TALON: Indeed it will be..great to hear from another LOST fan! :)