Shocks and Surprises (Part 1)


“Lo and behold! Another blog..another feather in my cap..yipee!!”

Well, actually it’s not a happy event to start a new blog. Rather I have been literally forced into it! Things have not been going good for me in the last few days and this is probably just another extension of the long line of misfortunes in this month. So let me just describe the events that led to the creation of this blog. It’s not as entertaining as KRK’s antics on Big Boss but unlike him,I am more averse on using swear words! :P

It all started on Oct 22, the very next day after the mid-term of an insanely tough Econometrics class. The day also happened to coincide with the launch of Windows 7 which I had been eagerly waiting for. I was dead tired after the exam and my head was bordering on a full-blown headache but still I waited for the clock to tick to midnight. Midnight came but there was no sign of any mail from my good friends at Microsoft. I had no inkling of when I fell asleep but it was six in the morning when I woke up. I was still tired but I was even more excited about Windows 7 so I immediately opened my mail and there it lay expected but unseen!! Sent at midnight for sure but at PST rather than EST(so much for living in a country with different time zones!). I started the download and seeing ETA of 1 hour, fell back to sleep. When I woke up after over an hour, the download was complete. Happily I started the installation and selected a clean install, patting myself on my back for having completed the backing up of the data way ahead of time!!

Everything was going fine once the system installed and I was absolutely in love with the new cool features, I installed the essential programs, including all the chatting clients to get in touch with my sweetheart.I placed the first call to her on the new system but was too busy and excited to explore the new features of Windows, rather than hang onto her words. No wonder she was all angry within minutes of realizing what my first love for the day was!! But soon I realized the first glitch.On transferring my college notes and assignments, I noticed none of my assignments bore the familiar MS Word sign. It didn’t take long to dawn on me that after the clean install, along with several other software, I had even managed to remove the entire MS Office package. While I was shocked and dismayed, my sweetheart latched onto the opportunity to vent out her anger on my Facebook status update!! By then I was getting late and my office hours were about to start.I hurriedly downloaded the free trial of MS Office so that I can at least carry out my day to day tasks normally. It was raining when I got out in open and all I could hope was that at least the worst was over.

But as it turned out, it wasn’t the only and surely not the biggest shock of the day for me and the other unpleasant surprise actually is the reason for this new blog!!

…to be continued

7 scribbles:

Naomi said...

WTH!! What happened??

Gautam said...

There is a " be continued" at the bottom just for that!! :D

shilpee said...

ha ha ha.. i know ur surprise!

Sylwia said...

Title inspi by Pink Floyd??

Gautam said...

@Shlpz: No, u don't!! :)
@Sylwia: that you say it ,unconsciously maybe yes!

Naomi said...

Trying to be Hitchcock or what?! ;D

Gautam said...

I am really hoping you don't kill me after my next post!! :)